Recent Dissertations: Leslie Leighton on the decline of coronary heart disease mortality in the 1960s

On the back of 20 years of medical practice, Dr. Leighton's dissertation brings new insight to a topic that was never adequately explained.   Read More

Recent Dissertations: Brian Campbell takes on the cultural meaning of solitary life in America

A childhood interest in hermits leads to a unique study of solitude in America from the colonial period to the present.    Read More

Data Analysis in the Digital Humanities Revolution

Often overlooked in the rise of the digital humanities, data analysis skillsets offer a competitive advantage for humanists in a variety of professional settings.    Read More

Sabrina Karim (Political Science) wins Naval War College Women and Conflict Outcomes Essay Competition

The award encourages new research on questions related to the roles and impact of women during conflict, peacekeeping and peacebuilding.   Read More

Laney Graduate School announces first recipients of the Eleanor Main Graduate Mentor Awards

The awards were established by the Laney Graduate School to recognize graduate faculty and graduate students who set the standard for mentorship excellence here at Emory.   Read More


New Zebrowitz Memorial Fellowship supports graduate brain researchers

Established to honor the memory of Andrew Morris "Andy" Zebrowitz, the fellowship's goal is to improve protections for the brain. The first Zebrowitz Fellow is Biomedical Engineering PhD student Michael D. “Mac” Merritt who is developing a new method of brain imaging based on metabolic response, not blood flow. Read more.

History professor earns top honors at the 51st annual Georgia Author of the Year Awards

Historian and graduate faculty member Clifton Crais "employs his formal training as a historian to examine his own family history." Read more

Emory among top 100 worldwide universities granted US patents in 2014

"The success of Emory's patent program stems from the quality of our faculty's research and our in-house patent group. Having in-house counsel has allowed us to double the number of applications filed each year." Read more

LGS student Brooke Bozick connects transportation data to season flu epidemics

Brooke Bozick, a student in the Population, Biology, Ecology and Evolution program, sought to explore a "correlation to mobility and the genetic structure of season flu cases on a national scale for the US." Read more