This section of the site explains how to apply to the Laney Graduate School.  If you are interested in learning more about our programs, the best places to start are the Prospective Students page or the LGS Degree Programs page.

Before you start an application...

... always check with the program you are applying to.  The requirements below are minimum requirements, and programs may have additional requirements.  For example, many require a writing sample, a few ask for mailed transcripts, and many programs have application deadlines earlier than the general Laney Graduate School deadline -- some fall as early as December 1.  (A list of our degree programs.)

... read the instructions below.  If you are an international student, please be sure to visit the page on the left for additional information.

... go to our Applications Instructions page


1. Transcripts

As part of the online application, upload a scanned transcript from each post-secondary institution you have attended, present school included.   (This requirement applies to applicants who are or were enrolled at Emory.)

  • The transcripts must be issued by the registrar’s office, but unofficial copies issued to the student are fine.
  • We will not accept printed web pages from the University’s student information system. If you submit this, the processing of your application may be delayed.
  • If you want to upload an electronic transcript issued by your registrar's office, make sure we can open that document without passwords or other security information.

Please do not mail paper transcripts with your application unless your program specifically asks for that. Later on, if you are admitted and accept, then you will need to submit official copies (sealed or sent to us directly from a university registrar).

Transcripts must be in English, or be accompanied by notarized translations. (See our page for International Applicants.)

By the start of your first semester, one transcript must show that you have been awarded have a Bachelor's degree or its equivalent from an accredited institution. If you are still enrolled and studying for your Bachelor's degree, we realize that the transcripts you upload cannot yet show this.

2. Standardized Test Scores

GRE scores (general test) are required. Applicants to the PhD program in Business may submit GMAT scores in lieu of GRE scores.  We will not accept GRE or GMAT scores more than five years old. Applicants to the Master's program in Music are not required to submit GRE scores.

If English is not your first language, you may need to submit TOEFL scores. Check your program's requirements. (See our page for International Applicants.)

You'll need to arrange for us to receive official score reports for the GRE, GMAT and TOEFL tests. Our institution code is 5187 (no department code is needed).

3. Statement of Purpose

Check the website of the program you are applying to, since some programs have specific instructions for the statement of purpose.  Unless the program asks for something different, the statement should incorporate the following:

  • A brief intellectual autobiography describing the formation of your academic interests and present concerns.
  • The special area of interest or particular problems, theories, movements, periods, etc., upon which your study would focus.
  • A description of tentative plans for research, either specific problems or general areas in which you hope to work.
  • A description of your research experience, including your role and the extent to which you were independently involved in the research.
  • An explanation of how your past experience, academic training or research experience has prepared you to pursue graduate work in your area of interest.

The statement is uploaded as part of the online application process.

4. Resume/CV

Your resume or CV should highlight relevant experience. You may wish to include:

  • academic awards and honors, including honors projects;
  • independent research experiences; 
  • publications and presentations;
  • volunteer and extra-curricular experience;
  • internships and work experience; and
  • membership in professional and academic organizations.

The resume or CV is uploaded as part of the online application process.

5. Letters of Recommendation

We require three letters of recommendation from people familiar with your academic performance. You may submit one additional letter.

Contact your recommenders well ahead of time, to make sure they are aware of and can meet your application deadline. Your application is not complete until the letters have been submitted.

You request the letters as part of the online application process, and recommenders can submit them online. You can send requests for letters of recommendations before you submit the final application. If a recommender is unable to use this system, please contact the program you are applying to for instructions.

Our online system cannot accept letters of recommendation delivered through Interfolio and similar services.  Our system asks questions that only the recommender can answer.  If you are using Interfolio and cannot ask your recommender to use our system, please contact the program you are applying to for instructions about what to do.

6. Application Fee

Our application fee is $75. It can be paid by credit card as part of the online application. The fee can also be paid by electronic check.  Please be aware that this payment option adds several days of processing time before we receive the application.

Early Application Fee Waiver!

If you submit your application on or before October 31, 2014, your application fee will be waived. This will be automatic, and you will not need to contact us to receive this waiver.

Note: your fee will be waived as long as the application is submitted by midnight (U.S. Pacific time) on October 31. Official scores and letters of recommendation may arrive later.

Application Deadline

January 3 or earlier: always check with the program you want to apply to.  Some master's programs have later deadlines.

Early App Fee Waiver

If you submit your application by October 31, your application fee will be waived.  This will be automatic, and you will not need to contact us to receive this waiver.

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