In 2019, the Laney Graduate School will conduct one diploma ceremony for all graduates.  Specific details and guidelines will be posted at right in a little later in the spring. 

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  • LGS Diploma Ceremony (Sunday, May 12, 2019)
  • LGS Graduation Reception for All Degree Recipients (Sunday, May 12, 2019)
  • Emory University Commencement Ceremony (Monday, May 13, 2019)
  • Diploma Information
  • Graduation Regalia 

LGS Diploma Ceremony

  • Sunday, May 12, 2019
  • 11:00 am
  • Woodruff Physical Education Center (WoodPEC)
  • All students, master's or doctoral, who received a degree during the academic year (summer term 2018, fall term 2018 or spring term 2019) are eligible to participate.
  • At this ceremony, students will receive diploma covers. Diplomas will be mailed to all graduates; scroll down for important information about diplomas.  Also at this ceremony, doctoral graduates will be "hooded" (the Dean and the graduate's advisor place the doctoral hood on the graduate).

Students, families and guests are invited to attend the LGS Graduation Reception immediately following the Master's ceremony (details below). Additionally, students and guests are also invited to attend the Emory University Commencement ceremony on May 13.

LGS Graduation Reception for All Degree Recipients

All degree recipients are invited to attend this reception along with their families and guests.  LGS staff and faculty are also invited.

  • Sunday, May 12, 2019
  • 2:00 pm, foollwing the Diploma Ceremony, at the Emory Conference Center Hotel (Lullwater Ballroom)

Emory University Commencement Ceremony

  • Emory's Commencement takes place each year at the end of spring semester.  In 2019, Commencement ceremony will take place on May 13 in the Emory Quadrangle from 9:00-10:45am. 
  • All students, master's or doctoral, who received a degree during the academic year (summer term 2018, fall term 2018 or spring term 2019) are eligible to participate.

Diploma Information

  • All graduates who participate in the diploma ceremony will receive an Emory diploma cover from the Dean at the ceremony.
  • The actual diplomas of spring 2019 graduates will be mailed by the Registrar's office to your diploma mailing address in OPUS.  (Diplomas for graduates from summer 2018 and fall 2018 have already been mailed.)
  • To learn more, visit the Registrar's Diploma Page.
    • Note that all LGS graduates' diplomas will be delivered through the method listed as "Summer and Fall Graduates" delivery information.
    • Make sure your diploma mailing address in OPUS is correct, so your diploma will arrive where you are.
    • Make sure your name in OPUS is exactly as you would like it to appear on your diploma.  --  On the Diploma page, scroll down to read about "Student Name on Diploma."

Graduation Regalia

  • The Emory Commencement site has information about regalia.
  • For doctoral graduates, LGS provides the hood.  All other items need to be rented, purchased or borrowed by the graduating student.

LGS Commencement RSVP

If you are a graduate or spring candidate, please use this survey to let us know whether you plan to attend.

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Emory's Commencement Site

Emory's main commencement site has detailed information about the University ceremony, along with lots of helpful information for participants and visitors.

Emory's Commencement Site

Diploma Replacement

If you need to replace your diploma, visit Replacement Diplomas on the Office of the Registrar's website.