Program Admissions Requirements

In addition to the general Laney Graduate School application requirements, many programs require items specific to their application. For example, many require a writing sample, many ask for specific information about your research experience or other qualifications, and some programs require GRE scores (general test).  If you are an international applicant, you may need to submit TOEFL scores.

The tables below has links to the admissions pages on program websites, as well as some basic information about each application.  Click on your program of interest to learn about its specific application requirements.

Each program has its own application deadline.  Deadlines fall at midnight U.S. pacific time on each program's deadline date. 

Note: If you are required to or decide to submit GRE, GMAT or TOEFL test scores, you will need to arrange for us to receive official score reports.  Our institution code for all three is 5187 (no department code is needed).

Phd Deadlines 2023
ProgramApplication DeadlineGRE Scores
African American  Studies December 15, 2022Scores Permitted
AnthropologyDecember 1, 2022No GRE Scores
Art HistoryJanuary 1, 2023No GRE Scores
Behavioral, Social, and Health Education SciencesDecember 1, 2022No GRE Scores
Biochemistry, Cell and Developmental BiologyDecember 1, 2022No GRE Scores
BiostatisticsDecember 1, 2022Scores Required
Business (all five areas)December 15, 2022Scores Required, GRE or GMAT
Cancer BiologyDecember 1, 2022No GRE Scores
ChemistryDecember 1, 2022No GRE Scores
Comparative LiteratureJanuary 1, 2023Scores Permitted
Computer Science And Informatics, PhDJanuary 1, 2023Scores Permitted
EconomicsJanuary 1, 2023Scores Permitted
EnglishDecember 1, 2022No GRE Scores
Environmental Health SciencesDecember 1, 2022No GRE Scores
EpidemiologyDecember 1, 2022Scores Permitted
FrenchJanuary 1, 2023Scores Permitted
Genetics and Molecular BiologyDecember 1, 2022No GRE Scores
Global Health and DevelopmentDecember 1, 2022No GRE Scores
Health Services Research And Health PolicyDecember 1, 2022Scores Permitted
Hispanic StudiesDecember 15, 2022Scores Permitted
HistoryDecember 15, 2022No GRE Scores
Immunology and Molecular PathogenesisDecember 1, 2022No GRE Scores
Islamic Civilizations StudiesDecember 15, 2022Scores Required
MathematicsJanuary 1, 2023Scores Permitted
Mathematics, PhDJanuary 1, 2023Scores Permitted
Microbiology and Molecular GeneticsDecember 1, 2022No GRE Scores
Molecular and Systems PharmacologyDecember 1, 2022No GRE Scores
NeuroscienceDecember 1, 2022No GRE Scores
NursingJanuary 1, 2023No GRE Scores
Nutrition And Health SciencesDecember 1, 2022No GRE Scores
PhilosophyDecember 15, 2022No GRE Scores
PhysicsJanuary 1, 2023Scores Permitted
Political ScienceDecember 15, 2022Scores Required
Population Biology, Ecology, and EvolutionDecember 1, 2022No GRE Scores
Psychology (all four concentrations)December 1, 2022No GRE Scores
Religion (all nine courses of study)December 1, 2022Scores Permitted
SociologyDecember 15, 2022Scores Required
Women's, Gender And Sexuality StudiesDecember 1, 2022No GRE Scores
Masters Deadlines 2023


Application Deadline

GRE Scores 


May 20, 2023

Scores Permitted

Biomedical Innovation and Development -- Advanced Therapeutics

Dec 15, 2022

No GRE Scores

Computer Science

March 31, 2023

Scores Required

Development Practice

January 10, 2023

Scores Permitted

Environmental Sciences

Priority deadline: January 15, 2023; Final deadline: April 1, 2023

Scores Permitted

Quantitative Theory and Methods

Priority deadline: January 15, 2023; Final deadline: Feb 28, 2023 

Scores Required; GRE or GMAT