Degree Completion

Important Dates

  • Spring 2019: degree application deadline is February 8; degree completion deadline is April 5

Biomedical Engineering Students

  • Apply for a degree at both institutions.
  • Follow instructions in the BME Graduate Handbook for all thesis submission and degree completion paperwork.

Contact Kristen Laquidara for instructions about how to go about completing your degree.

To complete your degree, you need to make sure you do three sets of things:

  1. Qualify for receiving your degree.
  2. Apply for your degree.
  3. Submit the necessary forms and other items such as printed signature pages.

Before you do anything....

  • Open and print the document on the right called "Completing Your Degree."

That document is updated each semester, and contains a helpful timeline for the things you need to do.

1.  Qualify

In addition to completing required coursework, exams, and other elements of your program of study, note these important conditions:

  • All degree candidates must be registered during the semester in which the degree is awarded.
  • PhD candidates must be admitted to candidacy at least one semester before receiving the degree. (This is a minimum condition: the Graduate School expects students to file for candidacy the same semester they complete the requirements.)
  • All IP, incompletes and/or Fs must have been resolved, and all fees and charges from Emory University must be paid.

2.  Apply 

  • You must submit an Application for Degree in the semester you want to graduate.  An application submitted during an earlier semester is no longer valid. 
  • The Application for Degree is due before all other items, early in the semester. The degree application deadline is set by the Registrar, and is on our Calendar.  Degree applications submitted after the deadline will be charged a late fee.
  • You can apply for your degree online, in OPUS, if your record indicates that this semester is your anticipated semester of graduation. (Questions? Contact Tamika Hairston-Miles,, and be sure to include your ID number.) 
  • Dual or Joint degree students applying for their degrees must submit a paper form by the deadline if they can not apply for their degrees in OPUS.
  • If you are receiving a certificate in addition to your Master's or PhD, then you must also include the name of the certificate (second line, circle "Certificate" on the form) on the degree application for your Master's or PhD, along with a Certificate Completion Form (available to the right). If you apply for your degree online, then only submit the certificate completion form to the Laney Graduate School. Please attach additional documentation if necessary. Reminder: In order for certificates to be noted on students’ transcripts, students should submit an Application for Degree by the degree application deadline during the semester they plan to graduate.

Consider one more thing: your name on the diploma. See Emory's Student Name Policy.

3.  Submit 

Open the document on the right called "Submitting Your Thesis or Dissertation."  It has a helpful submission checklist and details about each item to be submitted.

Before you submit your forms and thesis or dissertation paperwork, you need to submit electronically to the Electronic Theses and Dissertations Repository, or ETD. Read more on our Electronic Theses and Dissertations Repository page. Your ETD record should be submitted before you turn in your forms and paperwork.

In brief, this is what you need to submit to LGS:

  • An Application for Degree (including one for a certificate, if you are receiving one) -- this is submitted early in the semester, and you do not need to bring a copy when you submit your thesis or dissertation paperwork.
  • A Report of Completion of the Requirements for Doctoral / Master's Degree
  • Approval Page with original signatures
  • An Electronic Theses and Dissertations Repository Submission Agreement 
  • Printed certificates of completion for one or two online surveys: the Graduate Education Exit Survey and the Survey of Earned Doctorates -- instructions are below

Also, make sure you complete the Dissertation Title Submission Form. The information you provide on this form will be printed in the Emory Commencement Program exactly as you submit it, so please take your time, and be sure that what you enter is correct. When you arrive at the webpage, you must select between two options before proceeding:

  1. First-time submission
  2. Correction to previous submission

You should only choose the second option if you have already submitted this information and are now making a correction.


The Laney Graduate School requires students to complete one (master's graduates) or two (doctoral graduates) online surveys.  

Both surveys are confidential, and they are essential for producing aggregate data that helps Emory and the national higher education community understand how graduate students progress through their programs and view their educational experiences.


1.  All graduates must complete the Graduate Education Exit Survey (except students receiving interim Master's degrees). 

  • Master's graduates will complete a master's-specific survey.
  • PhD graduates will complete a doctoral-specific survey. At the end of the exit survey, you will reach a link to the Survey of Earned Doctorates (SED). 

Links to the surveys are below. 

2.  All PhD graduates must complete the SED (except Biomedical Engineering PhD students).

3.  Complete the survey(s) before you come to LGS to submit your forms.

4.  Bring the printed certificate(s) to show you have completed the survey(s). Each certificate is available at the end of the respective survey. These certificates are required.

Links to Surveys