Experiential Learning and Internships

Experiential learning has the potential to enhance graduate students’ transition into a wide range of careers. There are many reasons to consider engaging in activities such as internships, experiential fellowships, or other experiential activities as part of your graduate training at Emory. Benefits might include gaining hands-on experience in a new professional area, building skills and networks that can help you become a great job candidate, and gaining insight into how different career fields think about their work.

Doctoral students who are considering an internship or experiential learning activity that relates to their research, teaching, and/or career goals should consider enrolling in GRAD 705R: Graduate Internship Experience (Instructor Permission is Required). GRAD 705R is open to doctoral students in all fields and allows students to receive course credit for completion of a part-time internship or experiential activity that provides training to broaden students’ skills and expand their career options. This course’s structure provides opportunities to help students maximize their internship or experiential learning activity as a professional development opportunity.

To enroll in GRAD 705R, students must first have their activity approved through the LGS Experiential Activity Proposal Form. This approval process will ensure that experiences align with guidelines around academic goals, career development, funding, and internships. Note that this form requires support from your DGS, your mentor/PI, LGS-PDCP, and (if applicable) ISSS.

Experiential Activity Proposal Form

Access the LGS Experiential Learning Activity Proposal Form.

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GRAD 705R Proposal Process

If the activity is approved through the LGS Experiential Activity Proposal Form, then you may be permitted to enroll in GRAD 705R: Graduate Internship Experience. LGS-PDCP will consider internship proposals that meet the criteria outlined on the GRAD 705R Overview worksheet.

Proposing an approved internship or experiential activity as part of GRAD 705R involves several steps:

Before the Internship:

  1. Meet to establish and document expectations with host organization and activity/internship supervisor on the Student-Host Organization Agreement Form. This form must be submitted by the Internship Supervisor to lgs.profdev@emory.edu.
  2. Obtain Support from DGS, academic mentor, and ISSS (if applicable) on the Internship Proposal Form. This form must be submitted by the student to  lgs.profdev@emory.edu.
  3. Wait for approval of your internship. If approved, you will be enrolled in GRAD 705R.

During the Internship:

LGS-PDCP will hold two formal class meetings with enrolled students: 1) an orientation meeting at the beginning of the term, and 2) a conclusion meeting at the end of the term. In addition, we encourage you to stay in touch with our office throughout the course of your internship. If you encounter issues with the host organization or internship supervisor, please inform our team so that we may offer our support. We want this experience to be positive for both students and host organizations – let us help however we can.

After the Internship:

  1. Obtain evaluation from internship host organization. This document must be submitted by the Internship Supervisor to  lgs.profdev@emory.edu.
  2. Reflect upon how the internship experience, your learning outcomes, the new skills or knowledge you acquired, and how the internship experience furthered your progress toward the PhD and your career goals on the Completion Report. This support must be submitted by the student to  lgs.profdev@emory.edu.
  3. Wait to receive grade (S/U).

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