Doctoral Students

What You Need to Submit Online to LGS

Signed Forms should be submitted online, using the LGS Student Action Form. Log on to the form, enter a little information about yourself, and then choose the relevant completion action to submit your items.

Your thesis or dissertation should be submitted through the ETD Repository.


All completion items are expected to be submitted by 11:59 p.m. of the Degree Completion Deadline. If you need an extension to submit your dissertation and forms after the posted deadline, see instructions below

Guidelines, Checklist and Templates

Read this document, "Submitting Your Thesis or Dissertation." It has a helpful submission checklist and details about each item to be submitted. You will also find templates for items such as the dissertation cover page, the approval sheet, and more.

Electronic Theses and Dissertation Repository

Before you submit your forms and related materials, you need to submit electronically to the Electronic Theses and Dissertations Repository, or ETD. Read more on our Electronic Theses and Dissertations Repository page. 

Your ETD record should be submitted online before you turn in your forms and paperwork.

Required Surveys

The Laney Graduate School requires doctoral students to complete two online surveys: the PhD Graduation Education Exit Survey and the Survey of Earned Doctorates (SED). Both surveys are confidential and are essential for producing aggregate data that helps Emory and the national higher education community understand how graduate students progress through their programs and view their educational experiences.

  • Complete the surveys before you upload your forms to LGS. 
  • Be sure to upload the required certificates to demonstrate that you have completed the surveys. Each certificate is available at the end of the survey.

Electronic signatures

We accept electronic signatures for all forms associated with degree completion. (Note: the Distribution Agreement and Approval Page are set up to collect all signatures using DocuSign. You will need to collect signatures for the Completion Form and the ETD Form (if applicable).) 

Options for electronic signatures: 

  1. Use tools such as Adobe Sign or DocuSign to create an electronic signature.  (preferred) 
  2. Signers may insert a digital image of their signature. 
  3. Signers may print and sign a form, then scan and email it to the student.

If you submit an electronic signature and we are uncertain about how to interpret it, we will not simply reject the document but will contact the appropriate faculty member(s) to confirm.

If a faculty member is unable to provide any kind of scanned or electronic signature, they should email Renee Webb at with a statement that includes the student’s name and degree program, date of defense, and a short sentence saying that this is their electronic signature approving the dissertation (or approving another form). 

Submission Deadline Extension

In certain circumstances students may need an extension to submit a dissertation or thesis and associated forms after the posted deadline. These request are reviewed by the Laney Graduate School, and must be for an approved reason:

  • advisor, committee member or DGS/Program Director is unavailable
  • illness or other personal emergency
  • defense date is after the posted submission deadline

If you seek an extension for another reason, you can explain and the Dean may approve. 

To request an extension, use the Submission Extension Deadline Signature Form (your advisor, DGS or Director must sign), and submit it using the Student Action Online Form (you will find an option for this action).