Special Funding Requests

The Special Funding Request forms are for doctoral students who have received an external fellowship or award. Please review the LGS External Fellowship Policy for more information.

External Fellowship Stipend Supplement

The LGS and its partner schools continue to recognize the substantial effort required by faculty and students to prepare successful external fellowship applications, as well as the important student career development benefits that result from students pursuing and being awarded these external fellowships.

When a pre-doctoral student obtains an individual external fellowship that provides a stipend that replaces 70% or more of the student’s annual graduate program stipend, the student will receive a $2,000 annual supplement during the award period from the LGS or partner school (e.g. School of Medicine). This policy does not apply to institutional training programs such as NIH T32, T90, TL1, T03, D43, and R25 grants, or to awards that provide only research or travel expenses.

To request the stipend supplement:

  1. Log in to the Laney Connect Hub.
  2. Under LGS Forms, open the Funding section and then select the External Fellowship Stipend Supplement Request form.
  3. Complete the required fields and upload the relevant document (you will need to attach documentation of your award).
  4. Once submitted, the form will route to the LGS Funding office for processing.

Additional Funding Requests

Extramural funding is funding that replaces institutional funding, and as such it does not extend the years of funding beyond the commitment made at the time of admission. Directors of Graduate Studies (DGSs) should use the LGS extension request form to submit additional funding requests.

It is important to note, however, that in no circumstances may this additional year of university funding extend the student’s time to degree or be used beyond the student’s seventh year of study, as calculated from their initial enrollment term.