Policies and Progress

The pages in this section provide information about the Laney Graduate School's general policies regarding student progress. 

The information on these pages is correct, but not always complete. Please keep three things in mind:

1.  Always check with your program's Director of Graduate Studies, Administrator, and/or Handbook.

The Laney Graduate School requirements are in many cases minimum requirements, and your program may have additional requirement or policies.

2.  Always check with the Laney Graduate School Handbook.

LGS Handbook

Our Handbook is the authoritative statement of LGS policies and requirements.

LGS Handbook

The pages in this section summarize our requirements and policies, but do not always reflect all the details. The details are in the Handbook, the authoritative statement of Laney Graduate School policies. It covers topics such as degree requirements, financial information, standards of academic performance and conduct, grievance procedures, guidelines for submitting theses and dissertations, and various LGS and Emory University policies and regulations, among other things.

The Handbook is revised each summer and available by the start of each academic year. 

3.  Emory University policies also apply

In addition to the Laney Graduate School policies contained in the Handbook, students, faculty and administrators are subject to applicable university-wide policies: